Foreign Divorce Letters


If you got divorced outside of Canada, that divorce is not automatically recognized in Canada if you wish to remarry. A Foreign divorce letter from a Canadian lawyer is necessary to satisfy the Government of Canada that your foreign divorce would be recognized here.

A foreign divorce letter must be completed by an Ontario lawyer. This letter opines whether or not your foreign divorce would be recognized in Canada, pursuant to the law and your particular circumstance.

Typically, one of two conditions must be met in order for your international divorce to be recognized in Canada:

When you obtained your divorce, you had a “real and substantial” connection to the place you obtained the divorce; or

When you obtained your divorce, either you or your spouse were ordinarily resident in the place your divorce was granted.


Foreign Divorce Letter Package


Flat Fee

  • Initial Consult Included
  • Divorce Letter Paperwork Included


When you attend your appointment for a foreign divorce letter at our office, bring the following documents:


  1. Certified translation of the divorce certificate, if necessary;
  2. The original divorce certificate;

Once our office provides you the foreign divorce letter, submit documents 1 and 2 above, along with the foreign divorce letter, an Ontario Marriage plication and a signed Statement of Sole Responsibility to the Office, in Thunder Bay, located at: P.O. Box 4600, 189 Red River Road, P7B 6L8.

Important Timelines

Note the following important timelines when planning to remarry in Ontario:


  1. It takes approximately 4 weeks to have your foreign divorce recognized in Ontario;
  2. Your Authorization Letter (i.e. confirming you are eligible to marry) expires within 90 days. You must apply for your Marriage License within these 90 days;
  3. The Marriage License is valid for 90 days, meaning you must marry within 90 days of the license.

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