Notary Services


Many official and government documents need to be notarized in order to be valid. These documents include marriage and divorce certificates, birth, adoption and death certificates, and other government issued identification. A notarized document confirms the authenticity of a document.

Other documents must be “commissioned” instead of notarized. A Commissioner of Oath verifies that the person signing a document, such as an Affidavit or other sworn document, is confirming the all information set therein is accurate and truthful.

Our office can provide both notary and commissioner of oath services in a matter of five to ten minutes. Ensure you have valid government photo ID when requesting these services.


Notary Fee


First Document

  • Every 5th Document is Free.
  • 2nd Document: $10
  • 3rd Document: $10
  • 4th Document: $10
  • 5th Document: Free


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